Global Warming and Sustainable Cities

  • Start Date : 05 May 2013
  • End Date : 07 May 2013

Sustainability is a way to make our cities and communities more livable by balancing economic, social and environmental needs. At the core of sustainability, is science and technology. Science & technology are the catalyst for change in the growth of cities and urban areas around the world and influences construction, transportation, health and living spaces. Advances in social sciences are having an impact on social development, city management, planning, and social and economic development.

The Environment Protection and Development Authority (EPDA-RAK) are proud to present a three-day conference in the United Arab Emirates that brings together world visionaries from different countries, cultures, and scientific expertise to find creative solutions to this pressing global issue. The conference will serve as catalyst to influence how cities and communities of the future are studied, planned and managed through areas such as infrastructure, housing, sustainable energy, technology and climate change.

Themes to be addressed are:


Sustainable Land Management

Sustainable Cities and Energy Conservation

Natural Resources &Water Change and Oceans

Change and Oceans

Application of GIS to Support Sustainable Cities

The Venue

Al Hamra Convention Centre Ras Al Khaimah

United Arab Emirates

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